The Equalizer 2 (2018) HD

The Equalizer 2
The Equalizer 2

The Equalizer 2 Full Movie Online HD, The story is former secret agent Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) takes a quick jaunt to Turkey to retrieve a kidnapped girl. Then he returns to his life in Boston. Presumed dead, he lives quietly, reading and driving for Lyft. McCall befriends a teen neighbor, Miles (Ashton Sanders, Moonlight), who dreams of being an artist. When their courtyard is covered in graffiti, McCall encourages Miles to re-paint it. Meanwhile, McCall’s former colleague Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo) visits him on his late wife’s birthday before she heads to Brussels to investigate a supposed murder-suicide. Later, she’s attacked in her hotel room, and McCall gets word that she’s dead. He reveals himself to Susan’s partner, Dave York (Pedro Pascal), and starts investigating her death. Unfortunately, this brings him to the attention of a group of killers. Worse, the killers decide to use Miles as bait to catch McCall.

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